About Us

Why Red Barn Butchers, LLC Is the Butcher Shop for You


We’re a family-owned business that strives to become a part of your family by providing wholesome specialty meats. Although we just opened in May of 2016, the town’s already abuzz with good reviews:



“I’m glad we finally stopped by to investigate. Reminds me of going to the butcher shop with my Grandfather many years ago. Very family oriented and price-competitive. Asked them to dry age some steaks for me and did so at no additional charge, and boy are the steaks melt-in-your-mouth good!”


“Every time I stop by we get friendly service, and the place is nice and clean. All the meat we’ve ever bought has been excellent. We especially love the premixed fajita meat; it’s the best in town!”


“It’s the best!!!! The selection is awesome, great price, too. They will cut whatever and if you can’t find it, ask. They might have it in the back or can order it for you!”



In addition to specialty meats, we offer seasoning and cooking expertise and sell fresh baked breads in several flavors from a local bakery, cheeses, sauces, seasonings, apparel and more .

We hope you'll be blessed when you stop in and visit with us at Red Barn Butchers, LLC in Wichita Falls, TX.



After years of opening successful meat markets for other individuals, Eric thought it time to open his own. We can't agree more. His knowledge is endless and his enthusiasm for what he does is boundless! He loves his customers and loves what he does. It shows in the way he greets the customer, like he's known them forever, and the attention he gives to their questions and concerns, offering advice and sharing his knowledge with anyone who asks! 

We want you to feel happy when you enter and even happier when you leave. Our barn is your barn.

We give God the glory for the blessing of this shop and we hope you'll be blessed in shopping here. Join our family today by stopping in at Red Barn Butchers, LLC in Wichita Falls, TX.