Cuts and Cooks Class


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Want to learn where brisket comes from?  Do you know the difference between a ribeye and a chuck eye?  Flanken ribs?  Hanging tender? Sweetbreads?

All those come from the front quarter of the cow and we want to show you how we get them ready for you to enjoy.  Join us on Sunday, August 29 from 3pm to 5pm for our first Cuts and Cooks demonstration class at our Kell location.

We will start on our butcher floor where our owner Eric Kennedy will take a hanging quarter of beef and break it down into the different cuts that you love plus show you some things you may have never heard of.  Then we’ll move out front where the guys from LiveFire Culinary & Catering will take some of these cuts and show you how you can turn them into delicious dishes at home.  And best of all, you’ll get to taste these awesome dishes and go home with the ingredients to make them yourself!

Tickets are $50 each and are limited to 20 spots.